CRT to LCD Monitor Retrofit

LCD Retrofit Kit

In the consumer world, hardly anyone remembers what CRT stands for. This is particularly true for the younger generations. However, walking through machine shops and plant floors, you are still likely to come across quite a few CNC machine control panels with CRT monitors, still on active duty.

As the replacement CRT monitor stocks are dwindling down, and the CRT repair costs creeping higher and higher, it makes more sense to replace the CRT monitors with the modern flat panel technology.

LCD Monitor retrofits are a perfect solution to replace the ancient CRT technology. Offering dramatically improved image quality, increased power efficiency and reliability, LCD panels are finding their way into old but trusted lathes, mills, and other industrial machines.

Our clients have long since seen this trend. They requested us to develop the solution. We carefully researched machine brand specific monitor requirements, connector types, environmental conditions, and came up with a series of the LCD retrofits for various control/machine brands.

Are you too looking for an LCD panel upgrade? Please contact us at 847-465-9060 or via with any questions and for the detailed information about supported CNC controls.

LCD Retrofit Kit

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