Back in the 80s, Yaskawa JustSpeed Series AC Drives were widely used in a number of CNC machines. At the time, these drives offered advanced functionality while maintaining a small footprint, which many machine OEMs considered as an advantage. Yaskawa discontinued manufacture of JustSpeed drives in early 90-s, yet there are still many of them hard at work in legacy machines.

We saw an increased demand to upgrade the JustSpeed drives to a more modern alternative. The challenge was not only in the software customization, but also in finding a replacement drive that would have a footprint equal or less than that of the legacy JustSpeed drives.

Our engineering team identified a perfect replacement: Yaskawa V1000 series drives. After further research and software adjustments, we have developed and tested the retrofit solution. This upgrade option makes total financial and operational sense: instead of repairing the old drives, we are happy to offer an opportunity to upgrade to newer and more functional technology.

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