Performing A Static Check on the Magnetek GPD505/506 Inverter

Static Check of Magnetek GPD505

In this video, we go over a quick static check procedure with the Magnetek 505 or 506 series inverters. Static checks can catch big issues with the drive’s inputs and outputs but keep in mind: even if the drive passes a static check, there can still be issues present.

Required Tools

  • Digital Multimeter w/ diode checking functionality
  • Megohmmeter, if checking the motor as well

What to look for?

  • Check for any leakage to ground from L1, L2, L3, T1, T2, and T3
  • Using the diode checking functionality of multimeter, verify output modules using method shown in video

Everything looks good, now what?

If all external factors check out, can still potentially be issues within drive unit. We recommend sending the unit in for further evaluation at this point.

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