To make a rapid movement with the axis at its top speed, programmers are taught to use G00. But can a G01 command actually be faster in some cases? Turns out the answer is yes!

When making short movements (under about an inch or so), the machine will never reach its rapid rate. There are many factors that contribute to how long the motion must be for the machine to reach its rapid rate. Additionally, if an axis is going to accelerate to rapid speed, it also must decelerate properly to stop at the correct destination. This puts constraints onto how long an axis must travel to reach 100% rapid speed.

When not cutting and travelling short distances, it can actually be quicker to use G01. The reason for this is as follows: when using rapid motion with G00, it may require additional time constants for accelerating to and decelerating from the rapid speed. This can put unnecessary stress on an axis’ drive and can take longer for the machine to respond since it is moving in a non-linear fashion. When going a short distance, using linear acceleration and deceleration can be quicker. Even though the axis may not run with as fast a rate of motion, the machine will actually respond faster to motions given with G01 commands. This linear acceleration and deceleration can also lighten the stress caused to the axis’ drive system.

To reiterate, this method of using G01 instead of G00 will be quicker for short distances, typically under an inch. The G01 command can lighten the stress on a drive compared to a rapid command. Programming a fast feed into G01 will always result in linear, straight-line motion. This may not always be the case with G00. This can be useful for moving around the part and avoiding any collisions that may be brought about by non-linear movements.

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