Rigid Tapping With Yaskawa 626VM3 Spindle Drives – Troubleshooting Tips

Rigid Tapping with Yaskawa 626VM3

If you are experiencing problems while rigid tapping with your Yaskawa 626VM3 spindle drive, there are likely two parameters you need to look at – C1-11 and C1-12. These parameters relate to the speed control. Parameter C1-11 is the Speed Reference Offset Adjustment Value. Parameter C1-12 is your motor Speed Adjustment Value.

Troubleshooting Steps

First, mark the current values set for these two parameters.

With the values recorded, go through a Speed Adjustment Encoder Orientation Setup procedure. It will take you through the C1-12 parameter setup steps.

Once the setup is performed, try running your spindle drive at different speeds (i.e. 1000 RPM, 2000 RPM, and 3000 RPM) and note the speed values on your drive’s digital display under monitor function U1-01 (referenced as V1-01 in the Yaskawa’s manual).

Check if there is a difference in the commanded speed and the speed read on the display of the drive. The speeds can be off slightly, which is acceptable unless the offset exceeds 10 RPM. If the difference is negligible, attempt to perform a rigid tapping command.

Otherwise, if there is a difference in the speeds then you will have to set your C1-11 to zero and perform the Speed Adjustment Encoder Orientation Setup Procedure once again.

When the second setup procedure is completed, try running at different speeds again to see how they match up. You should be able to run your rigid tapping command without any issues. If you continue to have issues, give us a call, and we will be happy to continue the troubleshooting of the rigid tapping operation with your Yaskawa 626VM3 spindle drive.

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