The Value of Repair vs. Buying New

Repair vs Buying New

What’s your decision-making process when your equipment breaks? Do you automatically think “time for a new motor” and hope cost isn’t prohibitive?

Realistically, you actually have several options: buying new equipment, repairing current equipment, or buying functioning refurbished equipment. We want to address the choice between buying new vs. repairing old.

It might be surprising coming from a repair shop, but sometimes a repair is not the right decision for your business. So what should you consider when thinking “to repair or not to repair”?

The obvious advantages of a new drive or motor are fewer breakdowns, improved efficiency, and the latest applications. On the repair side of the argument, you have the glaringly obvious advantage of COST. But you shouldn’t make your decision simply on cost. Consider the following when wrestling with a repair decision:

  • Same model or does it make sense to look for an energy-efficient model
  • Availability of a replacement drive or motor
  • Repair and warranty options whether new or repaired route, sometimes repair warranty can me better and quicker turn around for a warranty claim.
  • Actual cost savings of new vs. repair.
  • Do not have to worry about changing other components such as cables to make the replacement work.
  • No programming is required with the repair.
  • The repaired unit restored to “like new” condition.
  • Can be quicker turnaround with rush options.
  • Can save on service if maintenance personnel is capable of removing and installing the same repaired unit. 
  • Quality testing and after repair support by industry professionals

At Precision Zone, we guide our clients toward the best decisions that serve their business needs. If you have specific repair or replacement questions, get in touch with our expert customer support team at 800-551-4420 or

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Marketing & Creative Director at IcarTeam, and supporting afiliated businesses,
including Precision Zone, Precision Education Integrators and Alfra Tools.
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