Yaskawa CIMR-VM3 Series AC Spindle Drive Alarm Codes

Yaskawa CIMR-VM3 Spindle Drives

In this video, we discuss common alarms and failures with a VM3 spindle drive, as well as share our tips to help you troubleshoot them. We also discuss common causes of these failures such as:

  1. F-000: Winding Selection Contactor Failure – 
    • A faulty contactor (HV-75APx(S), HV-150APx(S), or HV-200APx(S)) [x denotes revision of the contactor with 4 being the most recent. S suffix is attached to the end of the contactor model number if plastic cover is installed.
    • Control board failure
  2. F-100: Inverter Output Overcurrent
    • Failed output inside the drive
    • Weak motor insulation (low megaohms to the ground)
    • Weak cable insulation
  3. F-300: Input Overcurrent
    • Failed input inside the drive
    • A faulty current detection circuit
    • Control board failure

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