How to Reset 15-Bit Absolute Encoder for Yaskawa Sigma 1 Drives (Method 1)

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Resetting alarms and troubleshooting your equipment can sometimes be a huge challenge and are not always an intuitive task. At Precision Zone, we offer free technical support for Yaskawa spindle and servo drives as well as all other industrial electronic equipment that you might be having issues with.

However, when you are in need of quick support, sometimes it is just easier to have the answer right in front of you! Today we will share a quick troubleshooting tip with you to help you get up and running faster. No headaches or challenges.

We will show how to reset a 15-bit absolute encoder for the Yaskawa Sigma 1 Series drives. Absolute encoder errors are displayed as alarms A.00 and A.81. To identify a 15-bit absolute encoder, look for an ‘S’ as the 4th digit after the dash in the motor model number.

In the video below we will show you how to clear these two alarms that you might receive on Yaskawa Sigma 1 Series drives. Be sure to watch the entire video for all of our technical tips on these Yaskawa Sigma 1 drive alarm codes, but here are a couple of main takeaways from this video:

  • Sigma I alarms A.00 and A.81 deal with absolute encoder data errors.
  • To check for a 15-bit absolute encoder, look for an ‘S’ as the 4th digit after the dash in the motor model number.
    • Example: SGMG-20ASA
  • To reset these errors, you will access the feedback connector on the motor
  • Short pins ‘R’ and ‘S’ for at least 2 minutes to clear these alarms.
  • This procedure may take 2 or 3 times to successfully reset the encoder.

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