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How to Reset 12-Bit Absolute Encoder for Yaskawa Sigma 1 Drives (Method 2)

Method 2

There are 2 different methods for resetting A.00 or A.81 alarms on a Yaskawa Sigma I Servo Drive. Today, we are going to go over the second method for clearing these two alarms if the first method was unsuccessful for you.

This procedure should be done only after you have made sure that the battery, encoder, and cable connections have been verified to be in good working condition. Determining whether you have a 12-bit absolute encoder is relatively easy to do. Using the motor nameplate, you will see the model number starting with SGMG followed by a dash and the kilowatt size, after the kilowatt notation, there will be a “W” to signify that the motor is, in fact, a 12-bit absolute encoder. (See image below for reference):

AC Servo Motor Label
AC Servo Motor Label


Please Note: This procedure requires a push-button box to be soldered into the CN2 connector cable. We sell the kit for this at Precision Zone but if you have not done this before or do not feel confident in doing so, you can send the cable to us and we would be more than happy to make the modification in-house for you.

Let’s get started! (Scroll to the bottom of this page for a full video tutorial on executing this 12-bit Absolute Encoder Procedure)

1. While connected to the motor, power on your drive and let it run for approximately 3 minutes.

2. Hold the push-button that was added to the push-button box for at LEAST 3 seconds. However, we recommend holding that button down for ~15-30 seconds.

3. Now you can go ahead and cycle the drive by turning it on and off again. If the alarm has been cleared, go ahead and jog the motor to ensure that it is operating properly.

4. It is common that this procedure will not work on the first try. Sometimes it is required to repeat these steps 3 to 4 times. If, after the fourth try, the alarm has still not cleared, it might be required to short-circuit the connection terminals P and S for at least 5 minutes. After short-circuiting them, repeat this procedure again and the alarm should reset.

If problems persist after trying this procedure or the alarms are not cleared, please give us a call at (800)-551-4420 or email us at repair@precisionzone.com. We offer free technical support and would be more than happy to help troubleshoot this issue for you!

At Precision Zone, we guide our clients toward the best decisions that serve their business needs. If you have specific repair or replacement questions, get in touch with our expert customer support team at 800-551-4420 or repair@precisionzone.com.

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